opera arias for intermediate singers
house Cixi Utecht Jan 30, 2024

Opera Arias For Intermediate Singers

Cixi Music Studio offers a guide of operatic suggestions for intermediate singers. Consult with your teacher - but listen through these beautiful songs.

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violin exercises for all skill levels
house Cixi Utecht Nov 16, 2023

Technical Exercises For Better Violin Technique

Read Our Guide to Helpful Violin Exercises - And Consult With an Experienced Teacher Before You Spend Hours Practicing.

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Musical theatre audition pieces for teenagers
house Cixi Utecht Oct 21, 2023

35 Broadway Audition Tunes For Teen Voices

Cixi Music Studio Makes 35 Recommendations For High School Musical Auditions - As Always, Work With Your Teacher For a Perfect Fit.

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guide to Schumann Lieder
house Cixi Utecht Sep 15, 2023

A Guide To Robert Schumann's Lieder

Learn about Robert Schumann's Lieder for voice and piano, as well as its lasting impact on the vocal community.

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Guide to Yamaha Pianos
house Cixi Utecht Aug 24, 2023

Yamaha Pianos: A Guide To Models, Pricing and Quality

Cixi Music Studio discusses Yamaha pianos, pricing, and whether or not you should buy one.

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finger speed drills for pianists
house Cixi Utecht Jul 28, 2023

Finger Speed Drills For Pianists

Cixi Music Studio shares finger speed drills and practice habits that will help pianists. Get in touch for piano lessons!

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guide to sonata form in music
house Cixi Utecht Jun 29, 2023

Guide To Sonata Form: History, Composition, and Interpretation

We share information about the Sonata, a popular musical form for piano, violin, and other instruments.

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How long does it take to learn the violin?
house Cixi Utecht Jun 28, 2023

How Long Does It Take To Learn The Violin? Guide For Adults & Kids

In this blog, we will discuss the timeline for learning violin (even as an adult). We also discuss starter instruments and key milestones.

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guide to the fuge, a compositional style
house Cixi Utecht Jun 1, 2023

Guide to the Fugue: A Revolutionary Compositional Style

Cixi Music Studio discusses the history, form, and impact of the Fugue - a truly revolutionary compositional style.

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What are the best piano methods for beginners?
house Cixi Utecht Apr 29, 2023

What Are the Best Piano Methods For Beginners?

Cixi Music Studio walks you through a selection of piano methods for kids, adults, beginners, and intermediate students. As always, your teacher will know best!

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Music classes for babies in Katy, TX
house Cixi Utecht Jan 30, 2023

Guide To Music Classes For Kids in Katy, TX in 2023

Cixi Music Studio, one of the region's leading private music lesson providers, put together this list of early childhood music classes. Get in touch for lessons!

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ABRSM music theory exam
house Cixi Utecht Nov 29, 2022

Your Guide To ABRSM Exams in Texas and the US

Learn more about ABRSM exams, where you can take them, and what they cost in the United States. Contact Cixi Music Studio for lessons.

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used pianos
house Cixi Utecht Oct 9, 2022

Piano Stores in Houston - Both New and Used

Read Cixi Music Studio’s guide to new and used piano stores in the Greater Houston area. Get in touch for piano lessons!

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house Cixi Utecht Aug 2, 2022

What Does a Collaborative Pianist or Accompanist Do?

What exactly does a collaborative pianist or accompanist do, and how difficult is it? Keep reading to learn more about this profession and hobby.

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house Cixi Utecht Jun 21, 2022

Intermediate Piano Checklist: What’s Your Level?

Do you qualify as an intermediate level pianist? This blog covers technique, theory, and more. Get in touch for piano lessons in Houston.

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house Cixi Utecht Jun 1, 2022

Guide To Performing Arts High Schools in Houston

Are you thinking about enrolling your child in HSPVA or another magnet school in Houston? Read about it here - contact us for lessons.

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used pianos
house Cixi Utecht Apr 18, 2022

Do You Need a Piano At Home If You Are Taking Lessons?

Can you take piano lessons and get better if you don’t have a piano at home? Do you need to buy an acoustic instrument? Cixi Music Studio explains.

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child at piano
house Cixi Utecht Apr 11, 2022

Should Your Child Learn a Second Instrument?

Is it worth starting your child on a second instrument? Will it hold them back or give them an advantage? Read more from Cixi Music Studio.

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house Cixi Utecht Mar 7, 2022

Guide To Youth Music Ensembles in Houston, TX

Time to buy a new flute? Read Michelle's tips for choosing purchasing your next instrument.

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