Music classes for babies in Katy, TX

Guide To Music Classes For Kids in Katy, TX in 2023

house Cixi Utecht Jan 30, 2023

Would you like to get your child started with music classes in Katy, TX? There are many social, cognitive, and musical benefits to group classes for youngsters, and we hope this guide will help you find the right opportunity for your family. If you have any questions about private or group instrumental lessons for your child, please get in touch!

Firstly: What We Offer at Cixi Music Studio

Cixi Music Studio is one of the more highly sought-after destinations for piano lessons in Katy, TX, and we do offer private 1-on-1 lessons and group classes for kids. Lessons are available for pre-schoolers and beyond, and they will learn fun new pieces each week, learn the basics of music theory, and so much more. Additionally, we teach singing lessons in Katy, offer violin lessons in Katy at our studio, and much more.

Destinations For Music Classes For Babies and Kids in Katy

We don’t specialize in early childhood music classes at Cixi Music Studio, so we hope this list of studios will help you find a great weekly class for your child.

Toddler Music Classes at Romp N’ Roll

Romp N’ Roll is a franchise that specializes in group music classes for toddlers through five year olds. While they don’t explicitly use Musikgarten, Music Together, Kindermusik, or other curriculum, they do draw from many of those principles. Children sing songs, dance to music, and play rhythm instruments like drums. It costs $99 for a four lesson package, and their website indicates a $10 trial lesson fee.


4030 FM 1463 RD, Katy, TX 77494


Katy Music Studio - Music Lessons For 3-4 Year Olds

Like Romp N’ Roll, Katy Music Studio offers a proprietary group music class for 3-4 year olds that doesn’t explicitly license material from one of the “big name” youth music programs. But they teach musical basics like pitch matching and rhythm, and they also mention musical craft time on their website. Students will also be able to experience different rhythm instruments and genres of music. They mention a free trial lesson, so if you’re curious, this would be a good place to start.


146 Apple White Dr.

(281) 392-2121

Music Together Program in Katy, TX

Music Together, one of the world’s leading music programs for babies, limits the number of licensed practitioners within a certain geographic area. If you would like to enroll your child in this program, Wisely Music Learning offers Music Together lessons for babies through young kids. Children listen to music, dance, sing with one another, play various fun rhythm instruments, and more. For $119, you can have 1 class per week for eight weeks. For $169, you can enroll in two classes per week for eight weeks. Sibling discounts are available.


25830 Westheimer Pkwy


What Are The Benefits of Music Classes For Babies and Toddlers in Katy, TX?

Has music really been scientifically proven to make your kid smarter? Will it really super-charge their confidence or help them get into elite schools? While some of these claims are certainly overhyped, here is a quick overview of the benefits.

Music Classes Give Your Child Social Confidence

Weekly or bi-weekly interaction in a group class setting will certainly help your child develop confidence in social environments. It’s similar to regular visits to the same playground or gym - your child will gain confidence approaching other children, interacting with them, and more. Furthermore, they will learn how to share with others (in this case, sharing musical instruments), and they will sing, dance, and play with other kids in a structured setting. Also, because of the 8-week format of many classes, it gives them time to make genuine connections and friends with their peers.

Fun Music Classes Can Lead To Private Music Instruction

Enrolling a very young child in formal private piano lessons in Pearland can sometimes backfire - it may lead to a child viewing music lessons as yet another task or chore, and they may not find joy in music. Group music classes seek to change that pattern. They help young kids experience music via discovery learning, and since they have informal exposure to a number of fun instruments, they have the opportunity to naturally become curious about them. By the time your child is four, five, or six, they may even express interest in taking private lessons before you suggest it.

Music Classes Can Improve Language Skills

Many studies have sought to prove the connection between music classes and language development, but perhaps the best point is simply that in music classes, your child will be taught various songs that they will encounter on a weekly basis. They will be watching the instructor sing, then be encouraged to sing certain phrases back. Furthermore, a two year old (for instance), could be watching a three year old sing the same song in class; the experience of engaging with an older peer could help your young child develop language skills much more quickly.

Contact Cixi Music Studio For Music Lessons

If you’d like to get started with music lessons, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer piano lessons in Houston along with various other instruments, and we have a popular location in Pearland as well. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome to enroll, and we look forward to hearing from you.