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If you need singing lessons in Houston for yourself or your family, we’d be happy to hear from you. We help pre-college and adult students find their singing voice, and whether you’re a brand new student or bring years of experience to us, we can help you reach your goals.

Our voice lessons can help you prepare for a community music theater production, a choir audition, or a career as a recording artist - whether you are looking for classical or contemporary vocal instruction, contact us for a trial lesson. We can’t wait to work with you.

Expert, Experienced Voice Teachers in Houston, TX

It all starts with a singing teacher who knows how the voice works. We’ve studied vocal pedagogy, have earned degrees in music, and have sung professionally. A good voice teacher leads by example, and we will very often sing in lessons more than we talk! You can learn by immersion, so to speak, although we will discuss concepts and show you the “why” behind pieces of repertoire and drills.

We also have a tremendous amount of experience teaching students of all ages and working with every goal imaginable. We’ve helped high schoolers learn how to belt, helped adults sing arias, and more.

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We Help Pre-College and Adult Students Learn To Sing

Singers of all ages are welcome at Cixi Music Studio. Furthermore, we understand the unique challenges that come with each stage of life.

If your middle schooler would like to take voice lessons, for instance, they may be struggling to navigate the changes in their voice. Perhaps they used to sing alto in a community choir, and within a matter of months, they have found themselves singing bass. That’s just one common scenario. We’ve also worked with adults who struggled to sing without pain, often due to tension or poor technique.

Whatever the case may be, let the experts at Cixi Music Studio help you reach your potential. We will assign age and skill-appropriate materials aligned with your goals, and we love helping students of all ages sing more beautifully.

What Vocal Styles Can You Learn?

Broadway Singing Lessons in Houston

Theater-focused voice lessons are often a popular and well-rounded option. Musicals force the singer to project to a full room, sing with good technique, use great diction, and more. We can help you belt safely (it’s harder than you think), find your head voice, utilize your chest voice, and choose appropriate repertoire for auditions - whether you love Les Miserables or Rent, let us help you learn our favorite Broadway tunes.

Traditional, Classical Voice Lessons

If you want to sing beautifully and healthfully, we can help you learn in a holistic, traditional way. We’ll teach you how to expand your range by vocalizing, develop dexterity with scales, and project your voice with proper breathing technique. We can also help you choose music from the art song, opera, and other vocal repertoires.

Lessons For Contemporary Singing Styles

Do you want to sing pop, rock, or another contemporary genre? It all starts with the fundamentals - you need to breathe well, sing without tension, and be able to produce a beautiful sound. After that, we can mix in techniques like breathy singing, using the voice break, mixed belting, and more.

Benefits of Voice Lessons in Houston

Voice lessons will let you participate in community groups, worship, bands, and more, but they can also help you speak more confidently in public and enjoy healthier conversations. If you’re unsure about voice lessons, or if you would like to know how working with a teacher is better than watching videos online, get in touch.

From the Houston Choral Society, to the Houston Boys Choir and the Houston Masterworks Chorus, there are plenty of vocal opportunities nearby. The Christian Youth Theater (CYT) is another popular option for families, and school productions are always on the table.

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Parents & Students Love Their Lessons

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My two daughters are having piano and violin class at CIXI’s studio for almost four years. Always great experience. Great teacher, very responsible. Girls really enjoyed learning music here.

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Both my daughters take piano classes with Cixi Music studio. I love the method being taught, focusing on learning to read music. Teachers are very patient and my kids love it.

Janice R.Parent
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She's always kind to her students and she motivates them to their limits each week. Very happy to have her as my instructor.

Jason T.Parent
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Life At Cixi Music Studio

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We would love to help you sing more beautifully, so if you’d like to learn more about our voice lessons in Houston, get in touch. Our music school is located at 9730 Town Park Dr., and we’re easily accessible from Chinatown, Bellaire, Hedwig Village, Downtown, and more.

What Will You Work On In Your Singing Lessons?

Improving Your Ear and Pitch Matching

Very rarely is a student actually “tone deaf,” and even if you have difficulty singing in tune, we will work on that in your lessons. We’ll help you match pitches with your voice, and we can teach you accurately sing intervals (for instance, hearing and repeating a fifth, fourth, octave, or scale with your voice). This is a fundamental skill for singers - you can never sing in an ensemble if you can’t sing in pitch. Going sharp or flat is also a pitfall for soloists, since if you get too far out of pitch, you might end up singing higher or lower than your voice can handle.

Improving Your Music Reading Skills

While you won’t need to read music as well as a pianist, a singer does need to be able to “sight sing” music while reading a score. We will help you learn to read notes in your given clef (bass or treble) at an advanced level, and if you will need to sight sing in auditions, we can practice this skill with you on a weekly basis.

Improving Your Vocal Range

Each lesson will include exercises and drills meant to expand your vocal range both upwards and downwards. In many cases, singers who first start lessons with one voice type (think Alto or Bass) realize they are actually a different voice type because of the untapped range they possess. You will also learn drills that you can do on your own at home, and that is where the real progress is made. Furthermore, your teacher will help you learn how to breathe properly and sing without tension - this will also add notes to your range.

Improve Your Vocal Dexterity

Do you want to be able to sing fast passages, scales, arpeggios, skips, and leaps? Both classical and pop music contain pieces of technically challenging music, and we can help you learn to practice these techniques. It all starts with a solid foundation of breathing and ear training, but we will introduce you to new exercises and concepts to take your singing to the next level.

Improving Your Tone and Vibrato

Just because your singing voice is thin, nasally, raspy, or unpleasant in some other regard doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. We will diagnose any issues with your voice and explain to you what is going on. Then, we’ll help you improve your tone with careful song and exercise assignments. As you improve, we will specifically discuss how you can let your natural vibrato shine, and you will love the way you sound.

There are many other elements to our voice lessons, and if you would like to learn more, please get in touch!