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Cixi Music Studio offers guitar lessons and classes in our Houston studio to children and adults, and whether you are a beginner or have previous experience, we are happy to work with you. Our teachers have music degrees and years of experience; each lesson will be uniquely tailored to your goals, and you will see progress on the guitar quickly. Please get in touch for more information about trial lessons, enrollment, or our curriculum. Whether you see yourself playing the blues or Bach, we are happy to work with you.

Our Guitar Teachers in Houston Are Invested In Your Success

Qualified and Experienced Guitar Instructors

Instructors at Cixi Music Studio have studied music for many years, earned degrees, and collected practical experience by performing professionally and teaching hundreds of lessons. We are committed to ongoing development - we study our craft, practice our guitars, and stay active in the music-making community. Because of that, we are able to teach you from experience, not just a method book.

Teachers Focused On Your Goals

We encourage our guitar students to share their goals with us. Do you want to play Jimi Hendrix solos? Do you enjoy Christopher Parkening’s classical recordings? Or do you airplay to Santana? Whether you simply want to learn chords or develop the technique necessary for classical guitar playing, we will choose lesson materials accordingly. Your teacher will actively select music and exercises that will help you improve, and they are invested in your success.

We’ve Worked With All Ages and Skill Levels

Every student is unique at Cixi Music Studio, but there are very few scenarios we aren’t familiar with. From adult rock guitarists to elementary-aged beginners, we know how to develop skills and attain student goals. Perhaps one of these situations applies to you:

  • You’ve played another instrument and can read music, but want to learn guitar
  • You taught yourself chords, but you want to take your playing to the next level
  • You’ve always wanted to play in a band
  • Your child loves the guitar and wants to learn how to play

Regardless of you or your family’s situation, we’d love to work with you.

What Genres Can You Learn At Cixi Music Studio?

Our lessons are well-rounded and fundamentally sound, so you will be able to pursue jazz, rock, classical, country, folk, blues, or other genres. When you learn how to play scales and arpeggios, read chords, read notes, and understand tabs and chord charts, the sky is the limit.

When you start lessons, let your teacher know what kind of music you hope to play. From Taylor Swift to Piazzolla, we can help you learn.

Guitar Lessons For Adults and Children in Houston

All ages are welcome at Cixi Music Studio. We know that each age group requires unique considerations, and we always make lessons fun, accessible, and educational for everyone.

Guitar Lessons For Kids in Houston

Firstly, we make sure our young students have an instrument that fits their hands and reach. It’s hard to teach technique to a child who is playing on a large guitar. We’ll then teach them the anatomy of the guitar, how to use the frets, how to strum and pick, and how to play some basic chords. From there, we will dive into melodies with accompaniment, note reading, scales, and so much more.

Ask us about our fun guitar classes for kids or private lessons - we would love to partner with you to give your child the gift of music.

Guitar Lessons For Adults

We love working with our adult students, and we appreciate the specific goals they bring to lessons. Do you want to play in a local rock band with friends? Do you want to play acoustic or electric guitar in a worship setting? Do you want to play the blues at home to relax? Let us know – we’ll develop a curriculum to help you. We love the partnership our teacher have with adult students, and we appreciate your consideration at Cixi Music Studio.

What Will You Learn in Guitar Lessons?

First, you will need to learn how to hold the guitar, what the parts are called, and what pitches the open strings play (E, A, D, G, B, E). We can cover this as slowly or as quickly as you would like. We will then get into chord diagrams, allowing you to learn where your fingers go on the frets to play different chords. We will also learn guitar tabs, and we may incorporate some finger exercises to get you comfortable moving your fingers around the fretboard.

We will also teach you some fun tunes - this will allow you to get comfortable playing melodies on the guitar (it’s more than just chords), read notes, and start working towards solos. Strumming patterns will also come into play at this point.

Of course, as you progress, we can delve into more advanced concepts like hammer-ons, pull-offs, tapping, and more.

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Parents & Students Love Their Lessons

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My two daughters are having piano and violin class at CIXI’s studio for almost four years. Always great experience. Great teacher, very responsible. Girls really enjoyed learning music here.

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Both my daughters take piano classes with Cixi Music studio. I love the method being taught, focusing on learning to read music. Teachers are very patient and my kids love it.

Janice R.Parent
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She's always kind to her students and she motivates them to their limits each week. Very happy to have her as my instructor.

Jason T.Parent
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Our guitar studio serves people here in Chinatown, Sharpstown, Montrose, Hunters Creek Village, Meadows Place, and more. Westpark Tollway or Rt. 8 will get you to our studio depending on where you live, and we enjoy working with students from all over the Houston area. To start off with a trial lesson, please get in touch!